Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday is here again! And what have I achieved?

Well Saturday has reached us and I am taking a few minutes out from my research into Manchester City and West Ham for the GTV live game this afternoon to write a little. Although there is not an awful lot to write about.

After returning from Cape Coast yesterday (in an air conditioned bus which turned off the aircon half wa through the journey!) I decided to rest. That rest turned into showering and going out!

I caught up with a couple of friends and my tired state made it quite difficult to sip down the first beer. I just about managed to get it down me, and couldn't really go any further. After trying in quite a lackluster manner to keep up with the conversation we decided to move on from Epo spot to an event at the conference centre. It was quite expensive to enter but these days I seem to be walking with the right groups. I am not sure how it happened but we were all given passes and I entered in without hassle.

I took a couple of free sample drinks. And then went in to watch the event. I must say it was a really good event put on by Joy FM. Most of the major stars were there and a few of them got up and played with a live band. One girl, Afia, was tremendously talented! (i think i fell in love a little bit! (just a little bit dont worry!))

In one of the earliest nights out I have had in the last few months at 2 o clock I was back in the room and hitting my pillow. Maybe it was fortunate because I had forgotten that today I had a show. My voice is only half there so I hope it holds out. Should be fun!

Ciao all!

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