Thursday, December 9, 2010


Well, I am at 300 may be a small landmark to some bloggers but for me i'm quite chuffed! If you do happen to be reading please give me a comment or two to let me know how i'm doing or if there is anything Ghana related that you would like to know!(im not an expert but I will certainly have an opinion!)

The last couple of days I have been down in Cape Coast. As I said I got a little fed up in Accra and I though it was about time I got away. I really can't believe that in the past five and a half months I have hardly travelled around Ghana. Next year I will certainly get myself up to the North (and see an elephant or too!)

Anyway, what has happened in the last couple of days? Not an awful lot really. I spent time with a couple of good friends here and enjoyed some nice home cooking! I have really missed home cooking. Fried rice and chop bar food is really getting a little tedious! Had some yam, rice, palava, tomato stew. As well as a nice coconut curry from the beach side.

I have spent a little time by the sea, which has always been nice. I am thinking of growing some dreads and becoming a bit of a rasta surf man! Really loving the beach right now! Especially when I know that home is covered in Ice.

I also spent some time in a friends school. Ended up marking English exams with my clearly useless teaching skills! I found I'm quite a generous marker to begin with and then when I get bored I get a little more harsh! I also tried my luck as a motivational speaker! Although I was quite negative in my speech, pointing out some of the misgivings of the Jhs 3's English. But the power of the celebrity worked as many of the students (and teachers) had seen me on GTV the previous Saturday! (oh how it is to be a minor celeb!)

This is a pretty boring post. The only controversial thing to happen was a minor disagreement with a man on a tro tro! I only found out at the end of the journey that the man had a problem with his legs and that is why I had to squeeze past him in to my chair. But my major problem with him was that he put hid dirty dirty hand on my shorts, which I then pointed out to him. He was not best pleased and when I told him I am looking for money rather then women (is this true?) the conversation continued to go down hill! It took the ultimate plunge when I told him that I was not interested in learning Twi or Fante and that I only wanted to know Ewe Language. He then decided it was not a good idea for me to be in the central region. But never mind! I am going home tomorrow so I will be out of the hair of this honorary keeper of the land! (I think we left it on better terms though, so no need to watch my back just yet!)

anyway I am out to go and wipe the sweat from my brow.

Look forward to hearing from some of you!

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