Tuesday, December 7, 2010

From city to city!

Well unfortunately today has not been anything to write home about (quite literally). I woke up with total lack of motivation, which has been becoming worryingly more common in the last week.

Fortunately I was able to pick myself up to do a little work and send a few emails. I was expecting the call to come from the guy I was supposed to meet yesterday but he clearly is not serious about his project! And there for me and my guys are also not interested!

After eating some banku I decided that this boring state I find myself in needs to be remedied by traveling out of Accra. I had two choices. Sogakope, who have been calling for me to come, or Cape Coast, in which I have a couple of friends I havent seen for a while.

I chose Cape Coast (sorry Sogakope people I will see you all soon!) So now I am here in Cape Coast. It was a long and slow journet along a road that was supposed to be fast. We got stuck behind every damn lorry and slow moving car we could have done. And just when we passed them, the driver decided to get fuel and they all passed us back. I did though have a new experience today. After getting used to my air conditioned room (how luxurious!) I decided to take an air conditioned tro tro for just 1 cedi 50 peshuas extra. It was quite a god idea because of the traffic we got caught in. So maybe I will take A/C buses more often. Although I did kind of miss the hustle and bustle character of the classic tro tro. No goats under my feet or smelly arm pits resting on my shoulders!

I apologise for this rather unentertaining blog but I am sure tomorrow will be quite interesting with some Cape Coast life to discuss!!

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