Tuesday, December 28, 2010

End of my Ghana experience for 2010!

Well Christmas is over and I am sat in London in the cold enjoying fast internet access! I must admit I was expecting it to be much colder back here in the UK as I was taking a 40 degree cut essentially, but I have actually quite enjoyed the cold. I have been a little bit like an old woman and used a hot water bottle to heat up the bed, but I hope I can be forgiven that!

The last couple of days were a little stressful before my trip home but (after another big night out the night before I travelled back) Friday morning was quite smooth running. I managed to wake up in time, finish my packing, catch a taxi to the airport and check in successfully. Immigration went smoothly and I sat their early waiting for my hangover to kick in properly.

The only complain I have from my couple of hours in the airport is that one of the Virgin staff told me I looked CHINESE in my passport picture. Now, for those of you that have not seen me in a long time, I am still a very white Englishman! I will not lower myself to describing a stereotypically China man, but I am certainly not one (and I was not even wearing on of those funny hats!!) Anyway after asking a few more Virgin staff they agreed I looked chinese! I was not at all happy!

The next problem only raised it annoying and frustrating little head when we had taken off and were cruising to our cruising height! My TV (as well as the whole back of economy) did not work! Great a whole 7 hour trip without the nice movies that I was looking forward to. I have to give credit to the air hosts though. They sang some christmas songs and gave us champagne, but still, it was quite a tedious flight.

One coincidence was that I ended up sitting next to someone that I kind of know. This seems to happen in Ghana so many times, you sit on a tro tro, or restaurant, use the toilet, end up in hospital etc etc and you end up bumping into someone you know, or that knows people you know. When I lived in North London, I used to shop in a little Ghanaian shop in Burnt Oak, and this lady is the owner. We had an amusing conversation and she told me she would sort me out with a good woman! (Everyone is a pimp in Ghana!)

Anyway I returned safely without losing my bags or anything and got back through minus 5 UK countryside to my house for pickled onions and cheese.

I will not describe my Christmas, as it will get a little boring for everyone. Rest assured it had its fair share of drink, food and family arguments. I must admit its a little strange being back here after 6 months, I have to learn how to behave here again!!

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