Thursday, December 16, 2010

Frustration and and a kick in the balls!

By now, living in GH, I should be used to frustrations, but somehow they always seem to bring me down! Yesterday was one such day where a day of frustration did not culminate in what I hoped for and a bad mood ensued! I was asked to come and shoot the Euro League Soccer Show (sponsored by techno phone!) which is did. (in fact I have just watched it, I was quite pleased with me, but the production was a bit dodgy!)

After the show I realised that the pay I was receiving for all my hard work and time used in order to be a guest on these shows was not really enough to cover my expenses! After waiting around all day after the show,  I only received half of the money I was due. Money is really quite short right now, and I am really hoping for some luck next year, and that things will start to take off for me. I was kind of relying on this money to take me through to christmas and help me out with buying a few presents. It seems I will have to find another way? (Sell my soul? My Body? or my assets?)

Anyway was a nice evening spent kind of cooking and eating with my housemates here. I tried very had to get over my bad mood and then ended up having a long long conversation with a good friend from home. Which helped a lot (thanks u)

Today was less eventful. I went to visit a school that I know some of the teachers and children and wish them a happy Christmas. I then got my hair cut and came home.

As per usual, I had at least one broken appointment in the day. I am being a little harsh on the person but we were kind of supposed to meet for dinner and it was then cancelled or postponed. (this is very normal!, and very frustrating!) (but I will let this particular individual off because it was not they're fault at all!!)

On the way home I decided to take a trotro (dodgy minibus) due to lack of funds. It was busy, and so it was a fight to get a seat. Normally I am quite relaxed and just wait patiently while everyone else fights over seats. But today I was a little impatient, hot and sweaty. (also my head was hurting from the guy combing my very short hair!!) So I raced along the pavement, fighting my way to the front of the queue! As i jubilated about my unfit and slow self winning the race the door of the trotro opened ready to let passengers off and me on (first!). The first lady from the front seat swung round to alight from the trotro. As her foot swung up, it hit my square in the balls! All the air was removed from my lungs! She said a quick sorry, but I (a true trotro pro!) was still intent on getting the first seat inside and therefore securing my journey home. Once I clambered in and sat down the pain hit me. All I could do was sit quietly and wait for the dull ache to finally fade away!

Anyway now I am home and that is but a distant memory! The girls may be laughing right now, but the guys will be at least a little sympathetic to my plight!

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