Friday, February 18, 2011

Samuel Polley, Ghana's only English football pundit!!

Well, this evening I am buzzing - over 24 hours on from a great experience on Viasat1, a local tv station here. As many of you will know I was asked to be a pundit on the live Arsenal vs Barcelona champions league match! Now in any analysts career this is a huge deal, and I think now that it is safe to say that I have moved away from being surprised that I am in this business to actually believing that I can rub shoulders with the..................

I actually fell asleep half way through that sentence, so now, whilst I am in the office, I will attempt to finish this blog without falling asleep again! (I clearly was not buzzing enough!)

So, I actually now believe that I can rub shoulders with the top analysts in Ghana and hold my own in front of camera. On the Champions league show I was on set with two former Ghana BLack Stars players. One of whom won a champions league medal with Bayern Munich and he was also playing in the game between Bayern and Manchester United where 2 goals were scored at the death to help Manchester United take the crown! (He is a defender, so he didn't want to talk to much about that one!!)

Back to the game. (I am not going to analyse it all on here dont worry) The game was a neutrals game! It was such a good end to end battle that anyone would have enjoyed watching it. We made our predictions in the studio. (mine was 2-2) And then we set down to discussing all the inns and outs of Arsenal and Barca. It went well and I was able to disagree with what was being said on a number of occasions. I think I may have surprised a few people in the studio.

Whilst watching the game we got a nice buffet of little snacks and then I sat down to nervously watch the game. (I'm an Arsenal fan!) Then my phone started going crazy. Obviously, quite a few people watch the show because I had so many add requests on my facebook page. I guess I must have been doing something right. So does this mean I have joined the world of the celebrity? Maybe, someone saw me and came to say hello at the taxi station yesterday. I am just waiting for the paparazzi to catch me doing something untoward! 

Anyway by the end of the game, Arsenal had scored two goals to take the league. As went back on set for the final discussion, Sammy Kuffour was passionately unhappy with the score. (Especially after predicting a 3-1 win for Barcelona and saying that Arsenal did not have a single chance!) The set took a little beating from him, just before we cam on air! Woops! Well done Arsenal for making a former Champions league winner angry!

I am in the office now, so I have had to bring myself back down to earth! The most glamorous thing I will do today is go and sit in a little chop bar and have something to eat! Although there is romours of some events coming up this evening! Will keep you all posted!!!

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