Sunday, February 27, 2011

Responsible blogging!

It has been a rather uneventful weekend with the usual couple of nights out thrown in. Apart from a little win at the casino and a few drinks around town there really is nothing to write about. I am now waiting for the next couple of hours to go by so I can go and watch Arsenal and Birmingham fight it out in the League Cup final!

Will this be the day when Arsenal get back to winning ways and prove that even with a team averaging 23 years old they can, in fact, win trophies!

Incidentally, I feel I should just take a little bit of time to warn a few of you reading this blog. (A rare moment of seriousness!) It has been drawn to my attention that I have written about casinos in quite a positive manner. I have also mentioned a couple of times that I have won money there. (Not a lot of money I hasten to add!) Now firstly, when I go to the casino I take a set amount of money with me. (20 cedis or about $13) and I go expecting to lose this money. If you have any ideas that the casino is a way of supplementing your income you are very mistaken!

Every time I have been to the casino (3 times!) I have seen men and women lose serious amounts of money! They will leave and them come back with more. It is very dangerous so please do not go if you can not afford to. Only go with the money you expect to spend on a night out.

You may think I am being overly serious here, but I felt this is necessary because I have had a couple of emails from people enquiring about going. (I must remember to blog responsibly!)

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