Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dearly Departed Olga(sm)

With emotions running high yesterday we said a fairwell to an integral member of the Blue Gate house! Olga(sm) has run away to Europe before heading out to South Africa for a 9 month spell! (Not a bad life huh?)

So as I woke up in the house, after we had been to the jazz club the previous night, most people were just taking Saturday morning easy. Suvo(sh)jit and I went to get some Lunch and then came back to relax a little in the afternoon. It was more than likely that a little bar crawl would occur in the evening so I decided to just play it cool in the house.

I will only write one sentence on the next part of my day. I went to watch the football with Olgasm and Josh and Arsenal lost a four goal lead to Newcastle!

We have been enjoying the pleasure of having a table tennis table in the house for the last couple of days. It is only a temporary visitor but it has been really nice to have a knock about with the guys here from time to time! I must say that I am especially rubbish and need a whole lot of practice. (I really hate losing!) The only issue is the table is right outside my room so the ping pong noise can begin to cause a little craziness! But who am I to stop people having a little fun!

So Olga(sm) and Josh came back to the house and we had a few beers whilst playing table tennis with Swiss Tony, Swiss Robinson, and Dominik Zapper. (Please note the new nicknames!)

After a while it was time (unfortunately) for Olga(sm) to make her move to the airport. For some strange reason (no offense to who's idea it was) we decided to light sparklers in her honour. I always thought that sparklers were more of a celebratory item, but it seemed to go down well. We gave Olga a card with out heartfelt messages on (Olga cried) we gave Olga a hug (Olga cried) and then finally we waved Olga off (Olga cried!)

I must say that it certainly is not the same without Olga around and we will have to find away to keep the parting momentum going. Those of you in the house that are reading this, I implore you to keep up the spirit of a few beers after work, A few beers for lunch and Mandingo at the weekend!

We did go out last night and we tried our best to have a good time. We went to a couple of spots, including one called 'stomach clinic'. I think we have a picture somewhere which I will put up sometime! Then we made the obligatory trip to Duplex. We were even joined by Alicia, our hidden housemate. It was great to have her out with us, and she even added to the drama of the evening by having her phone "stolen". I learnt today though that someone actually brought the phone back to her. It was claimed she left it on the back seat of a taxi. (which we searched!) It is unfortunate that their really are a lack of honest people around. They only brought it back to receive their reward!

Anyway I will end by wishing Olga(sm) a pleasant trip back to Europe and then a wonderful time in SA!!!

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