Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Welcome back part two! The Beach! (Cholera?)

Right I am back from my rest and I have decided to continue (very briefly) about the rest of my first few days back in Accra. I have just been to a local sports bar to watch Arsenal play with Yan. We lived the life of a gentleman club and were given our own room, with A/C, Pool Table and Flat screen TV. Along with wonderful service and good food!

 On Sunday I thought it would be nice to go to the beach, fortunately I was able to persuade a (nameless) friend to come along and join me for a bite to eat. We had avery nice Chicken and Chips meal (the chicken and pepper is amazing at Tawala!) The only annoying thing was that once we were seated the next people moved their table so close to us that I thought she was going to sit on my shoulder! They wanted to use our umbrella evidently, but when our food came I decided to take our umbrella to a different table (I was a little worried about food thieves being so close to us!)

Anyway, after eating we decided to go for a (romantic) stroll along the beach. This was very lovely and we enjoyed it very much until.........An unassuming man came down, pulled down is trousers, squatted and then (very relaxed!) took a shit!! Wonderful, here I am trying to create a fun romantic scene and this guy has come along and spoiled the whole thing! To be fair the beach is quite messy but it was going well until that point!

As we strolled along the beach I couldn't help but notice that there were certain areas had been used as toilets! I wish  had been wearing Wellington boots and not sandals! (I felt like Princess Diana walking through a minefield!) Any way, we decided to persevere and we came out on the other side without losing any limbs!

It was good we did because I stumbled across to local spots where people were having a lot of fun! I plan to go back there and chill out down there soon because the other beach resorts are so full of Westerners and it gets a little boring. So it was refreshing to see these places.

To cut a long walk short we walked all the way round and back in to town and had some very nice ice cream before we parted ways with a hug and I cam back to the house! (alone) I then decided to go for a jog (this made the ice cream a bad idea!) It was a good starter jog, but to be fair we walked quite a long way! Motivation was hard to come by, but on the up side we came across a lot of really nice little bars to go check out!

Anyway, now I am sick, (again) as I have mentioned. This time is not really different (or worse) than other stomach bugs, apart from the fact that 3 other people in the house have been violently sick recently. It may be a coincidence but today I read about an outbreak of cholera in Accra today. Lets hope it isn't that.  For all those that are worried about cholera (or me maybe having it!) its ok. All that is needed is to keep hydrated and be careful and death shouldn't occur! (dramatic?)

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