Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I've Gone and Come! (England says Goodbye but Ghana Welcomes me with open arms)

Well, I am finally back in the place I am determined to make a success in. I must say that the welcome back was wonderful, but before I get to that let me take a couple of paragraphs to talk of my trip home.

The festive period in the UK was very pleasant. It was actually nice to see the stresses and strains of a fmaily Christmas. (My main issue was whether the Christmas Roast potatoes would be good enough!) It was great to see Mum, Dad and Roseanna (Sister, Rose, Rosey) and I must thank them for a nice time at home. Unfortunately with my vibrant social schedule (Or my Laziness) I didn't get to see them as much as I would have wanted but by all means I shall see them all soon. It was also good to see my dear old Grandmothers who were in fine form. Was good to see them joking about like old times and I really hope they remain in good health for a long time to come!

Nothing out of the ordinary really happened on my trip back. A few nights out, a couple of trips to some of my old pals houses. (Craig, James, Dami and Lara, Sylvia and Korichi (my former housemates) Ade and so many more) They all showed me wonderful hospitality and I thank you all for all the enjoyment. I must say though it was quite a disappointment that I didn't get to see some of my friends. Sure, some of this was my fault but im sure some people could have made a little more of an effort to see me? I have heard the complaint before from other people returning home thousands of miles expecting people to make a little effort to also get across and see them, and then they rather have to get a car and travel all over the country to see everyone. (I'm back to complaining right?) Anyway, its all good, I just will have to bear this in mind in the future when I get a chance to welcome someone from a long trip and who, when they leave, I may not be able to see for some time to come in the future!

Right anyway, I will stop my rant and get back to Ghana. My flight was quite nice. I had a seat next to me so I could stretch out and the TV actually worked! (Watched Salt and the Social Network, which were both great!) I was greeted at the airport by a colleague from my new job (I haven't yet mentioned that I will be starting a new job but I will get to that sometime!)

I then came back to my new room (next door to the old one!) and had a little sleep.  And then I got back to what I do best! (eating and Drinking!) Olga (my dear housemate who is leaving :( ) and I went for a nice sandwitch and then went to a new (to us) spot for a couple of beers.... 4 beers later we returned home to open the ol' Mandingo up and then head into town.  The night was fun and good to catch up with Ghana again.

The next night was a little mad! I ended up at a spot with people I didn't know, including a gold toothed former firm member from Hackney. Was fun and a little different but very late! I got back at 5am after going out for 1 drink!

Anyway right now I will have a little rest (Ghana has rather annoyingly welcomed me with a stomach bug!) and then I will continue to write about my romantic walk along the beach in the next installment!!

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