Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A new Career?! Acting!!!?

Well Well it seems that Samuel Polley (me, or Samdingo, or English Breakfast (coined by Swiss Tony)) could be on the first rung of the step towards treading the boards of the West End, or dare i say Hollywood!? Well no! Probably not! But, I had had my first acting experience in Ghana.

I did tell a few people when I came to Ghana (when they questioned me!) that although I am coming with nothing to do, (quite a risky step) I will find myself in situations where I can try and do well. So far it has happened with the TV work as a football pundit, and now there is potential in the acting area.

I happen to know the lead actress in a new series on TV3 called Afia Schwarzenegger. Afia is the apparent God Daughter of the man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger! (I know, quite a crazy story line!) But in the last 7 weeks it has gained quite a cult following, and they are gaining viewers every week.  They have special guests stars (which this week included Mzbel and George Williams!(google them)) and then me! Special guest Samuel Polley (Sports Analyst?) I don't know how I found myself into this one. But I continue to say yes to the things that come my way. It is possible it is a one off event but it was a lot of fun and a real education. lets see if i get another!
                                                Me on Location with Afia Schwarzenegger

The basic story line is that I am about to be cheated as a foreigner..(I am called Mr Suarez, which may make me a little hated in Ghana!) and i understand everything said to me in Twi. (Ghanaian Language) In the end I end up scamming the girl out of all her belongings! (and then speak a little Twi of my own!)

Anyway, a short blog to tell you about my new acting career, and if one day you see my name in lights you will know where it started from!


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