Sunday, March 13, 2011


Ok so now I know why everyone was going out to fetch water yesterday morning....There is no water flowing through the pipes around here! (Fabulous) This means bathing and flushing the toilet are quite difficult at the moment. (not ideal at all!)

This is a very short post really but I will take a little time to tell you about last nights activities. Uta (still without a nickame damn it!) Dramalison, the new guy Stephan and I, went out to watch Wanlov the Kubulor launch his new album. African Gypsy. Kubulor is quite popular in Ghana and is definitely an interesting performer to watch. He wear a sarong like garment and never wear shoes. (I've seen picture sof him strolling around London barefoot) He is a master of Pidgen English and always has a blent of humour in his music. (I implore you to check him out on Youtube!)

He is half Romanian and Half Ghanaian and in his new album he mixes the two together. The outcome was quite surprising to me. The fiddle and accordion go remarkably well with the Ghanaian drum and other instruments. It was a really great show and I will definitely be getting my copy of the album!

Go and check him out!

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