Monday, April 11, 2011

Picture BLogs are far easier! Welcome to my home town!

At the local Chop Bar at Dabala Junction...I used to eat here on my first visit to Ghana. Olee and I used to sing the Chop Bar Lady (in Blue) a song everytime we saw her. (Chop bar lady da da da da da! Chop Bar lady..... along side a stupid dance!!)

Dramalison's first picture appearance on the Blog! Welcome Dramalison!
The school in Agorhome that I taught at and now offer a little support to with my family.

Me with the Primary one teacher! She is a really great teacher and person. I call her bat women....She stood in front of me at a party I had organised for the school. Whilst telling me of the problems they were facing she mentioned to us all that there was a bat infestation and once whilst writing on the board, one happened to urinate in her mouth!!! I couldn't help but laugh!!! euugh!

Salomey - Pretending to be teacher!

The next projects is to fix the ceiling in the store room (and get rid of the bats!) All the books are scattered and get very wet!

Our last project was to fix up the floor in the Kindergarten! Eventually we will try and rebuild this tin can! (without using tin!)

Recent Jubilation in the village when we finally got piped water! They have been saving and saving for years to get running water and  have been working so hard everyday fetching water from miles away. Apparently when the water started flowing there was a funeral going on (wake keeping) and they fetched water the whole night! All drinking and bathing in it! It really is an incredible thing to see the difference having water has!

A spot of cooking! Pepper grinding!

Yakayake - Casava (steamed) pancakes! Nice with sugar!

Dramalison, Salomey, (someone else?) and the farm in the background!

My tilling the land!! Green fingers!

The Smile of South Tongu! Romeo has taken care of me every visit I have made to Ghana.  A true friend and family member! An next MP of South Tongu!

Dramalison again with Romeo, his wife Dora his kinds and some of the locals! I truely miss these guys. Can not wait to see them at Easter!

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