Monday, April 18, 2011


After all my talk of Car accidents it was inevitable that I would be involved in another one sooner or later. Well yesterday the time came where my life was at risk in a tro tro again! ( I think maybe I should find a way to fit in Drama into my name and join Dramalison!)

I have so much to write about my weekend and so many pictures to show people from a great funeral for a great chief, but firstly I will briefly talk about the accident!

We were on the way back from Dabala, Volta Region, in a Trotro. After we left the storm swiftly moved in and we were battling against the rain and the wind. The driver seemed a little over confident and on a couple of times I asked him to take it easy. He brushed me aside whilst talking a lot to all the passengers, he was in very high spirits. He drove fast at every given opportunity so I had made up my mind to tell him when we got to Tema motorway that he should please be careful. Tema motorway is arguably the most dangerous road in Ghana with so many accidents and deaths occurring!

Fortunately some of the people on the bus had been finding it funny to wake me up as I fell asleep. (It wasn't funny at the time!) So when we reached the motorway I was awake and I mentioned that I feared this road so he should be careful, because it is dangerous. he said "its not dangerous to me"! Great one mate! I was pretty certain something was going to happen and I was wide awake. I asked him to be careful on a couple of occasions and the rain was getting worse. On the third occasion the driver moved out to overtake a tro tro and front of us. As we moved out the the tro tro in front also moved out. I told him to slow down but instead he swerved! (He could have easily just breaked and we would have been fine!) But no...after swerving he could not control the vehicle, we span round and then smashed off the road backwards!

I (probably irrationally) dived across to the drivers side because I was worried that my head would go out of my open window if we flipped over. I must admit it was quite a scary moment but as we came to a halt in the undergrowth everyone was ok. (and screaming JESUS JESUS!) (Maybe they should have screamed that before we got the crazy driver!)

We moved from the car and the police patrol passing picked us up. The driver lied to them so that he did not get arrested for dangerous driving! He said we were stranded and the police believed him. (I must say on this occasion the police are doing a good job patrolling the motorway) I was aware that this stretch of road is known for armed robbers also so I was thankful the police were there to pick us up. We got to the roundabout and then had to find our way home!

Anyway, I am now off to the clinic because I have a slight swelling on my back. I think it is nothing, but i have been compelled by everyone to get it checked out!


  1. Glad u alright.... I hope i don't need to be in an accident to raise the ratings on my blog

  2. Thanks God You are Okay be carefull dear