Friday, April 8, 2011

Olympics 2012 British Football team - I AM available!!

Well, once again I have been lazy to post. I am waiting on some pictures to put up a picture post. That will come very soon. Before I get on to the main post (which will be another past blast) I will just mention my mammoth effort this morning!

For the first time in 11 years I decided to involve myself in an 11 a-side football match! I used to play so much football as a youngster and liked to think of myself as a bit of a player (football player, not a cocky footballer chasing all the women in town!) so I wanted to test whether I still had it. In between that time I have been fat, slim but mostly unfit and have played a little 5-a-side at Uni and home. I faired ok in the small game but would my fitness show me up in this big 'obroni' match against a third division team!

Well, there I am thinking my fitness will be the problem and then comes my first opportunity on the ball! I can not blame tiredness (although the walk with Swiss Robinson to the pitch was a little energy sapping!) but as the ball was played out to me (I was in the left back position) the ball suddenly leapt over my foot and went off for a throw in! Now I could blame the stones on the pitch, or the passer of the ball but realistically my inability to control the ball was the real deciding factor!

As the first half went on fitness did begin (quite quickly) to take its toll. I was completely out of position when they scored their first goal, and inevitably, I was supposed to be marking the scored! Great work me! I was touted as the mascot before the game, and I think I may have been more use running up and down in a stupid animal costume than left back!

I could not keep up and by the end of the first half I thought that they only way forward was throwing up or collapsing (or both!) But after a rest I trotted back on to the pitch for the second 40 minutes. (yes just 40 minutes!) Anyway, shortly into the second half, and after not making to many mistakes I decided it was about time I show the world my attacking prowess and forced myself in to the left wing position. Ryan Giggs, Asharvin, Overmars, Bale, POLLEY! ( I don't know why Overmars sprung to mind but he was bloody great!) Now maybe I am over stepping the mark a little, but I was certainly a little more effective in this position. I actually managed to do a couple of tricks around player and even have a shot! My biggest personal mistake was deciding to slide challenge in order to win the corner. I had lost the ball and pride was not going to let this guy run around me. But pride caused me to cut my leg on the grass-less pitch! (bloody pride!)

I think this blog is long enough without me discussing my spiritualist experience. Maybe I will post that one next time!

Anyway, we ended up losing 4-2 (not a bad effort from the guys!)  The referee put an excellent display in. He was even able to blow for fouls and offside when he was at the other end of the pitch standing on the penalty area! Maybe his fitness is even worse than mine! (

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