Thursday, March 31, 2011

Contrast in Ghana!

I am sitting in a little drinking spot having a bitter lemon which is really quite refreshing after giving up on waiting for an hour for a friend in a hair salon. (This could easily be a new pastime for me!) (Actually this is how I got my first date in Ghana 8 years ago! A story for another blog) Beautiful women strolling around is a bonus but the waiting is just too much.

Anyway, my point was that as I sit two gentlemen were calmly washing their face, hands, arms and feet and preparing themselves for their prayers. I sat quietly and watched and admired their dedication and the peaceful nature of the prayer. Watching them prostrate and then stand was weirdly hypnotic! It is also interesting to see them happy to get down and pray wherever they are. This time outside a little barbers shop on the step by a gutter. Very nice!

And then to spoil the nice moment I am having, a little girl comes to take a piss just beside where the men had been. She is then told off for pissing all over the side of the gutter and goes to get a little kettle to clean it! Not so nice!

Ghana and its contrasts!

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