Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crazy Rain! Swim home?

Just a quick blog is this! It rained and rained and rained tonight! Wow! A serious storm. Rain, lightening and thunder for hours! Unfortunately I was stuck in pig farm (and area not and actual pig farm, which is fortunate!) where i was overseeing the quiz night the volunteers have every tuesday. After waiting out the storm inside for an hour or so, they decided to brave the weather and head out! This was my chance to also escape home!

After making sure everyone got a taxi (or a tro tro) home I was left in the street (now a river) in my jeans (worried about my phone) waiting for a taxi! none came! I could see from my position one taxi was parked up and a driver was sleeping inside! He stirred and i gestured for us to go and to my surprise ( he really looked to be enjoying his sleep!) he said lets go. I think he felt sorry for me, and he was really great to brave the weather and give me a ride home! We drove slowly the whole way and then we go to my road. We had to stop!

Near my house there is a huge gutter which carries goodness knows what down it! (a certain friend has in fact just warned me of what it carries down it and therefore after this post I will have to go and take a shower!) A car was stuck in the middle of this newly formed river with the water racing down either side of it half way up! I paid the driver (gave a little tip for his kindness) and decided to start wading on through! I got quite a way in to the river (up to my knees) and decided another route may be better.

It turned out there were no routes through and the other ways were even more dangerous! with the risk of actually being swepped down the gutter! Fortunately after a little while the waters died down and I did not need to swim though, just merely walk through all the litter and debris lieing around.

I am now home and there is the occasional rumble of thunder, but I am in my room(still with the A/c on!) relaxing and thinking of sleep!

Now let me go and wash my feet and legs thoroughly!

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