Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not again!

As I sit here on my bed, after a plate of chips, I wait to see whether my stomach is going to give up on me again and have me running out of my door to make it to the toilet! Yes guys once again my used to be strong stomach has decided to show my weaknesses by emptying itself at any given opportunity. I really have no idea what I have eaten but some have suggested it was the 8 shots of Mandingo I had last night. (I am not so sure, how can alcohol be bad for you?)

Yesterday was a cool day. Made my GTV appearance (got spoken over by the other guest which was highly irritating)  then went to Sogakope Secondary schools launching event for their Golden Jubilee year and then came home in order to go out with the guys in the house.

Incidentally, for those of you who don't know, Sogakope is a town in the Volta Region where I spend a lot of time. I know a lot of the teachers and the kids and I always try and get along to support their events. It is a great school and churns out a lot of very good academics in Ghana.

The night was fun, and we watched the Obronis (A typical western wedding band) had a few more drinks (after the mandingo) and then went on to a little club near by. Had a bit of a boogy (danced with a professional dancer, which probably showed up my dancing inabilities!) and then came home at around 3:30.

I woke in the middle of the night realising I had spilt a whole sachet of water all over my bed! The aircon made it freezing and I had to find a little strip at the end of my bed to squeeze into! I must have looked like a prize Idiot. Everytime I rolled over I jumped out of my skin because of the damn cold water. Annoyingly whilst just ironing my bed (yes ironing my bed!how wierd!) I have burnt my arm! (that is why i should never have to use an iron!)

I have also been pondering the comment from an occasional reader of this blog. They have told me that it is quite boring! For those that I am boring, I am extremely apologetic and I will try my best to liven it up a little bit! Any controversial topics you would like me to talk about?

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