Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thieves in the night!

Yesterday was an interesting day to say the least! Annoyingly I didn't get asked to do the punditry for the Epl or Premier league games but I was asked to help out at a childrens princess party! A far more important task.

After returning home at 3:30 am from a pool session and then drinking session I had to jump over the gate because the security guard (who is normally asleep by this time!) had been asked to stop work.

I'm currently living in a hotel under rennovation (another accomodation story in itself) so it's just me and the workmen here. The workmen were making use of the ceiling fans in the foyer so were sleeping down there. I walked in, one or two
If them stirred, and I came up stairs to my room to sleep.

By 5am there was a knock on my door. I thought I was dreaming it so I ignored it. When it got louder and louder I decided I better get up (very tired) and see what was going on. I was greeted by the three workmen and a story of theft. Someone had snuck into their room (where they were not sleeping) and stolen their money and mobile phones! They all look disturbed but How could this have happened?

The fact I had nothing stolen made me feel like the prime suspect! Is it a time to get the cluedo bored out and do some investigations? (no, not worth it!) after a couple more bangs on my door by frustrated workmen, one of them came to warn me...

"I want to let you know and warn you that I will call my sisters and tell them to go to a spiritualist in Kumasi. Then whoever in this house who stole will start to feel uneasy". Well I told him of course that I don't believe in that rubbish and even if it was me that stole it I wouldn't be scared! (although maybe a story for the future will be when I myself visited a spiritualist here!) (I didn't call for anyone to be hurt though, although I was asked if the their should die!)

Theft is an unfortunate part of life here. For me, over the years I have had 2 phones, 2 cameras, a lot of money, a walet and various other items stolen from my person. Some rather stupidly! I kind of deserved to be robbed!

Why these people steal... Who knows but them? Some would site poverty... Which would be the easy answer! But I would suggest a growing culture of laziness where people would rather get easy money in bad ways than work for it. (I'm also a fan of easy money,but it just is not possible!) Before I'm castigated here it's not everyone but it is a lot. I try not to but a lot of people live on fear of even their own workers. Let alone people in tro tro or the Market!

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