Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the Ghaniaian Gary Lineker!

Tv was not an avenue of work that I had ever given serious thought to! But here I am sitting at waiting to shoot a premoer league and serie a highlites show! (incidently I was asked to come at 10 sharp.... Its now 10:30 and i dont expect anything to happen for at least another hour!)

So how did I begin this journey into tv journalism or punditry? Now let this be a lesson to all budding tv stars and journalists! I simply nipped round the corner from my house one evening to buy sweets! Yep thats right... Sweets... At the little store I had a chance meeting with a gentleman who i later found out to host a sports program.... Yaw Ampofo-Ankrah. This meeting led to a beer being had.(all great things happen over a beer) and then the next day I was on the show discussing English football!

Of course I had to do my research.. But i read well and seemed to make an impression, despite my nerves. People who knew me when I was younger will know that standing up to talk infront of people was an impossible activity fraught with fear for me!

Anyway after a few shows I became more comfortable and even began to get calls from other tv and radio stations requiring my services for live EPL and Champions league games! All a little crazy and surprising......

Just remember... In Ghana anything can happen with confidence and a little belief (in yourself!)

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