Monday, November 22, 2010

It's not all negative

It's all to easy to write negative things and discuss bad things that have happened in life. It's a trap I don't want to fall into but it's likely I may! The fact is tht with all the bad... There must be enough good because I am still here!

Today I think I will take time to talk about one of many groups of people I admire in Ghana.HAWKERS! (the unsung heroes of personal shopping)

Whilst walking or driving or tro troing the roads of Accra you can never go wanting for anything! Whether you need water,ice cream,snacks (plantain chips) bread you will not have to go far. Just hiss your tongue and a young man or lady will sprint down the lanes of traffic, her head carrying a heavy load, drop of your purchase through the window, collect the money and give you your change! (all at top usain bolt speed!)

These guys work morning to night come rain or very hot shine! Carrying heavy loads and risking heir life amongst the crazy drivers mentioned previously! It's a regular site to see these brave individuals skipping out of the way or cars and trucks, taxis and tro tros whilst plying their trade.

It's not just small groceries you can find by the street! If your looking for toys for your children, windscreen wipers, a puppy!, a brush, sooopaaaaa glue your on street super market is at hand. My personal favourite in the hawker selling stakes was a man Trying his hardest to sell a dead bat!!!( Mm tasty)

These men and women are seen as a scurge my some and the governement are always trying to move them on from certain areas but I see them as a convenient way to feed my self. I only hope that people respect their safety a little more. A hawker is no match for a tro tro!

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