Monday, March 5, 2012

Yevu @55!

Five years ago in Ghana it was the eve of Ghana @ 50! I had brought my Ghana@50 shirt and I had been preparing to celebrate with the nation. I was excited to be here because my Grandfather had been over here around the time of independence. Five years ago today I got back from a club after allegedly having my drink spiked. (Others may think I was very drunk, but I am convinced that someone put something in my drink so I would pass out and they could take the Irish lass I was out with!)

The next morning my preparations for independence were spoilt as, after waking up on the bathroom floor, the situation in my house became untenable and I had no other choice but to leave poor Larissa in the house alone with another old lady in Ghana that didn't like me! (anyone see the pattern?) At this time I was fighting to finish my masters Degree at the University of Ghana and trying to gather together m final bits of research to finish my thesis. Ghana was experiencing a lot of electricity problems and everyone was bemoaning the ECG (Electricity Company Ghana) for its role in their misery. Every time the power went off (or there was a flood, or a robbery, or someone slipped over) Ghana would cry 'Ghana at 50 ooooo!)

Five years on what has changed. Well, it dawned on me surprisingly little. I would like to lie at this juncture and say things are completely different and that all those that were worried about me jumping ship and taking a risk in Ghana were so far wrong, but I should be honest and say that I am still on the mission to prove them wrong!

In actual fact accommodation issues still haunt me and I am currently an English refugee in a German house. (I am sure my parents are proud!) (Thanks once again Aunty!) Another similarity raised its head again today. I realised that, whilst on the phone to the University of Ghana, that my next opportunity to graduate from this f***ing masters degree will be this Saturday. Well, I handed my work in promptly again after waiting 5 years for them to pass it. That was three months ago! I was pretty certain that they would be able to manage the one hour it would take to check I have made the relevant corrections so that I could graduate this March. Of course I was a fool for thinking the Institute of African Studies, Legon could do anything promptly and until last week no one had even tried to check the work. Then they decided to give it to Dr Owusu Brempong, who is not my biggest fan, to mark it! I guess I could never graduate!

......IF ANY LAWYER WOULD LIKE TO GIVE ME SOME ADVICE TO IF I HAVE A CASE WITH THIS PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!!..........................................................................................

Anyway, apart from being a little fatter and having a little TV gig some may say I am in a fairly similar situation. (Although see here soon for the next projects which should change all that!!)

ECG is certainly still disturbing many Ghanaians and floods will come again in the rainy season. Next time I fall in a gutter or almost get run over I think I will join the chorus of 'Ghana at 55 oooo!'

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