Thursday, March 8, 2012

A poem from the past!

After my last post which reached 5 years into the past I remembered that I had indulged in a little poetry around the same time. It was just before I was forced to leave my abode and was having quite some trouble with the land lady there who was nothing short of crazy! She had spent 30 odd years serving the prime minister his tea at downing street that her mind may have been out for revenge on a poor unsuspecting English boy. Anyway, I wrote this piece in an angry 20 minutes. I think only two people have seen this before this posting. Not being a poetry fanatic I have no idea if it is any good! Anyway, try and enjoy! (oh, it doesn't seem to have a title?! will have to consider that!)

Every second, should be a special moment
That passes by almost unnoticed with each breath
During disruption, a moment becomes a season
A cold and rainy period, passion with an unbearable lack of speed

Inner angst rises to scorching temperatures
Which once ignited, is hard to quell
A nightly rest delays longer the troubles
And when the sun lifts from the horizon, the heat follows

This terrorism of the body and soul can destroy
The very ability to smile and enjoy daily events
Contentment seems a distant past
That hope can only drag from history

A battle will ensue in attempt to defeat the stubborn foe
Of unrest, to bring peace and settlement to the soul
First, the raging fir escapes uncontrollably
If failure is reached then even the seven seas will burn

With success, the oceans win out as compromise competes 
With disruption to encourage Joy and laughter back to the court
If time passes and friendly play is found then
The spring season of new beginnings can once again reign.

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