Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shane the Cricket!

For a few weeks I have been sleeping terribly! I don't really know why. Sometimes when the moon is full I have a terrible nights sleep (some seem to think I'm a little crazy for thinking this!) and the stormy weather has not helped, but generally I have been very restless. Many of the nights in question as soon as the sun went down a very loud 'cheep cheep cheep' of a cricket. Now many may call me lazy but for some reason I put up with this noise for two weeks. (if not longer) Mainly I think this was because by the time i noticed him (I don't know why I think it's a him, it's normally women that make more noise!) I was dozing or couldn't be bothered to get off my bed to find the bloody guy! Usually crickets and frogs are known to sing you off to sleep. But when one is there alone with you in the room, it really is not the case!

Anyway, one night I was on the phone very late (early in the morning). I could not for the life of me sleep and this guy, who became known then as Shane started singing away! This night he was particularly loud and really driving me crazy. I decided tonight was tonight that I would hunt him down. It was tempting to get rid of him maliciously because of the trouble he had caused me, but because he now had a name I could not kill him. So I decided to catch him and let him out to annoy someone else. After all he was probably just singing away in an attempt to get laid! How could I deny him that privilege!

So i pin pointed Shane to under my desk and very soon I had spotted him. We looked at each other, we both froze and then Shane just sidled seemly unfased under a book as if to say, 'what are you looking at!' I spent the next ten minutes trying to catch Shane in a mug.  It didn't seem to work very well and he evaded e very easily. But then finally I caught him. I trapped him on the wall and then slid some paper over the cup. I carried him outside. As I removed the paper and looked inside the cup carefully, I realised that Shane had escape!!!! For crying out loud mate, do me a favour and remove yourself form my room.

I went back to look under the desk and sure enough there he was. Chilling! This time I went to trap him with the t shirt. I threw it at him and craftily Shane jumped and avoided the T-shirt and landed on top of it! Any way to cut a long and pointless story short i finally got hold of him and let him go outside.

I was left inside and still could not sleep! I wonder where Shane is now?!

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