Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I want to be a star! (Night with the Stars, and Yevu)

I have run way to smoothies once again, this time not because I am tired of my room but because we seem to have a localised power issue! The localised issue is even more than just the area, or even just the house. The landlady has finally gone crazy and seems to be refusing to pay for the electricity for a couple of the rooms. One of which I am trying to live in!

 It has actually been a tough week in which the news of which my contract with my current organisation has not been extended leaving next year up in the air a little! I will have to hope and work hard on opening a new opportunity. There will certainly be more posted about this little annoyance when I can post without worry!

Anyway, in want to give a little bullet point blog about an event that happened a few weeks ago. The Night with the Stars at the Conference centre. (Annoyingly I was not invited as a star!) It was Corecta's last night before running back to be a lawyer (or try to become one) in Philly! I decided to force her along and hope that finally she had a good night. Getting in was a little bit of a palaver (because as a tight ass i didn't want to pay the 50 cedis) but after finding a friend of a friend he told those at the gate I am with the BBC. That seemed to do the trick! Anyway, to the bullet points:

  • Everyone goes to these events dressed to kill. The girls who are slightly larger seem to try and fit into the same dresses as those a little slimmer. (I am not complaining though, some great views!)
  • The stage for the event was actually quite good. Light displays and the whole set up was very professionally done. 
  • At the side of the stage were two big screens used by MTN. The audience could text to a short code and have their messages shown to everyone. If I had known then I would have charged and topped up my phone ready to market and make fun of everyone I could! I only managed one message comparing the dancers to my white grandmother before my batter died! But this message board gave me immense entertainment throughout the concert.
  • The problem with this message board though, was that it was clear MTN were sending in their own, 'MTN is so amazing' messages!
  • the rap doctor Okyeame Kwame rode into the conference centre on the horse! (What more analysis can I give on this!)
  • Corecta would prefer a tall man! (It is likely my friendship with her is over for this comment!) As a side note I would like to tell everyone in Accra that Magnolias on switchback road, Cantonments, is an amazing restaurant with amazing food and a great setting!!
  • Men and women that attend these events are all so interested in having their photographs taken in front of the boards. Usually the women seem to like to turn round so the camera, and all the men standing watching them have their photo taken can focus on their posterior! 
  • Kokovelli performed with the trinity. Na na na na na na Kokovelli..... This was the big tune when I first came to Ghana!
  • After talking about r2bees for the whole show it was then announced that he missed his flight from Kumasi. Really!? They couldn't have told us at the beginning so we did not hang around right to the end to see them!

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  1. ahahahah no the best was the guy that kept sending the girl messages about how much he loved her...what was her name? Anyway, then he sent in a message said that "I love you, I promise I will treat you bad" ahahaha fool