Monday, July 18, 2011

Ghana Safety Rejoinder!

Just a quick note to post some worrying safety news. Many got a little frustrated with me portraying their beloved Ghana in a negative. Well since I have posted I have had various guys from overseas pick pocketed and more worryingly in the last week I know of three foreigners (who have recently come to Ghana) who have been robbed with men wielding Machetes! They were slapped with the flat side and a couple of them were wounded!

Fortunately no one was seriously injured but I must say this has got me a little worried!


  1. Really sorry to read your 'safety' updates stuff - it is the same pretty much everywhere though, especially with a global recession. I think you've just got used to Ghana being such an easy going place. More worrying have been the comments from Paul Evans Aidoo. The shame is that his rhetoric is a result of US cultural imperialism -aggressive evangelical fundamentalism

  2. so sad...thank you for this post, a good reminder.It really helps expat like me...Health is extremely very important,when moving abroad make sure you are covered with an International Medical Insurance .

  3. Thanks for your comments guys. I didn't see Paul's comments?