Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where is Yevu.... (in Ghana)

I have often wanted to provoke some kind of reaction to my blog, at least get a few comments here and there. The last blog about safety has certainly got some discussion flowing which is great but I need to point out that Yevu in Ghana is in Ghana and not anywhere else.

I guess it seems that a lot of my blogs come across as negative viewpoints on Ghana. I assure you that I enjoy being in Ghana and although I may write about some negative elements I also think, write and enjoy the positive elements of this country.

People hear a lot about Ghana and Ghanaians around the world are the first to be proud of their country. (and rightly so) But people do not really give a balanced view of what is happening here. I probably do the same when talking about the UK, although I know there an awful lot of negative things to discuss in my country. I remember a lecturer at the University of Ghana telling our Masters class that all white people are racist. I certainly had a little fight against this one, but it was her view from living in the states (and reading quotes written in the 1800's) that this was the case. (Although I don't think "all black people are lepers" is quite relevant in todays racist rhetoric!)

Anyway, this was not supposed to be a rant. Just purely to say that if you offended by the blog in anyway, I apologise. But it is Yevu in Ghana, and not Yevu anywhere in the world. I just write what I see and hear about however controversial the topic.

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